Our Edventure Postcards!

Exploring and learning


Welcome to our edventure postcards!

12985528_1352212878138809_2517229500780362009_nWe are a home educating family of 5!  (3 children (Mermaid (13), General (11) and Cupcake (7), and me and the hard-working, endlessly patient hubby!

We love adventure, and we love to travel and WE LOVE TO spend time together outdoors!

We have talked lots about travelling and visiting places off the beaten track, when suddenly we had a light bulb moment!  We live in a country (and can travel to 2 others with the greatest of ease) and we have actually visited very little of it!  Living in England, we realised there are vast areas of the country we have never visited.  The children have never been to Scotland, (and I have only been for an hour!), have really only visited a few parts of Wales, and have never been to Northern Ireland!

So the gauntlet was thrown down!   The plan is to visit EVERY English county (really????) in the next 12 months (that’s 48) and as much as possible of Wales13775428_1430311893662240_200121877512016043_n, Northern Ireland  and Scotland!!!  We are hoping to cover the Republic of Ireland too (again despite having family there and me leaving there as child) there are a huge number of places we have never seen!

So let the challenge begin!  Potentially 95 places to visit! We have from 04/03/17 until 03/03/2018 to cover as much ground as possible!!!  I hope we can do it!  I’m not convinced!! 🙂

I hope you enjoy our journey!