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British Isles Challenge, Our Postcards

Shropshire and Clywd

And so another edventure begins!  One day, and time for two counties in two different countries, and again standing with a foot in two countries at the same time!!  On a glorious Wednesday, we set off on another Edventure.  


We started the day, heading towards Shopshire.  I had found another (FREE) hidden treasure, and so we set off to Fenn’s Whixhall and Bettisfield Mosses, a National Nature Reserve, close to Whitchurch. Straddling both Shropshire, England and Clwyd, Wales the area was beautiful, so peaceful.    After our walk, we had a lovely picnic, and then set off for Edventure 2 of the day!


Edventure 2 saw us head over to Wales to one of our favourite places, Loggerheads, Mold.  If you have never been, you really must, it is a true treasure!!  With meandering rivers, cliffs, magical steps, stunning hill views, and so beautiful woodlands, this is definitely one of our spirit homes!  Every turn is like a gift, a surprise around every corner.  No matter how many times we visit, it feels magical!

And so another day of Edventures was done!  And what a day it was!  I don’t know about the kids but I was exhausted!

COSTS: Fuel & Parking only

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Perfect! Interesting! Tiring! 

County 21 & 22 – Done!   73 to go!!!  

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


Do you have a spirit home?

My heart home has to be Ibiza, but Loggerheads is definitely my UK based spirit home!


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