So I am a little behind, (blame the edventures!!) but its time to tell you about Northern Ireland and Donegal, (as we set off on another micro-edventure tomorrow!!) 

And so our 4 day edventure began with a delayed flight!!  Delayed twice, in fact, as firstly a crew member fell ill, THEN a passenger!  Eventually, we took off in BEAUTIFUL blue skies, PERFECT DAY for a wing photo!  Something very magical about flying through such amazing skies!  The clouds looked like fluffy cotton wool, and we could see Liverpool, then the Isle of Mann! 



After the flight delays, we were in dire need of fresh air and limb stretching, to clear out the cobwebs, so we headed off to Gortin Glen Forest Park, County Tyrone.  The place we stunning, and the perfect start for our latest edventure!  Mountains, trees and no one around, it was a true sanctuary! And of course, the must have ‘ LOOK UP’ photo!

And then Chippy tea, with an Irish £20 note!!

On Day 2, we began with an early morning wake up (well as early as we do!!)  and a Premier Inn big breakfast!  (They do VEGAN and kids eat free, so it works out great value for us!)  And on to Lurgan Park, the largest urban park in Northern Ireland, and well worth a visit – it was a great place to start the day!


Next we set off towards Hillsborough Forest Park, County Down, for a picnic lunch, and a pretty little fort!

And then came some serious awesomeness!  A trip to The Dark Hedges, County Antrim (well hidden up an old road)  AKA The Kings Road, in Game of Thrones! A beautiful beech avenue, a piece of natural, yet man made perfection!  This is one of the most photographed places in Northern Irleand, and features in a list on 12 best road trips in the UK and Ireland, (and its easy to see why!)

And as if that wasn’t enough magic for one day, we set off to Giant’s Causeway!  I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW LONG WE HAVE WAITED TO VISIT THIS BEWITCHING PLACE OF HISTORY AND MYSTERY!  There is literally NOTHING to prepare you for the magnificence of this place, it should be on EVERYONE’s bucket list!  We could have stayed here forever!!!  (However we did still need to do Fermanagh, County Derry and ideally Donegal!!)

After LOTS of edventuring, we grabbed some food, and headed to our beds for the night, ready for whatever tomorrow would bring!!

Day 3 and we headed off to County Fermanagh, and the beautiful Enniskillen!  Lochs, a castle and a play park that had the kids in awe, it was as stunning as I had imagined!  I have no idea why, but it was one of the places I had to visit!  


We then headed on to Donegal, to take in our first (and only on this trip) county in the Republic of Ireland!  En route we found some magical steps and just had to stop!!  

And then we headed up to Manorcunningham, in Donegal, for an amazing view!  

Our next stop was Killea a border town, where County Donegal (ROI) and County Derry (NI) are separated by a bridge over a stream!  The only difference between the 2 countries was the road signs and road markings, easiest border crossing ever! 


Our final destination, before the morning plane home was the city of Derry, County Derry!  By the time we had eaten it was getting dark, so the perfect time to take in the maginificent Peace Bridge, across the River Foyle.  What a pretty, evening cityscape!

And so out Edventure was over, it was time to head home!  I can’t believe what a BEAUTIFUL place this was, and we will definitely be back!  I would love to highlight a best bit, but I just can’t, the whole trip was just perfect!  Even the weather held up for us!!  

Bye bye beautiful country, we will hopefully see you again soon!

COSTS: £75 (flights from Ryanair), £100 (car hire and fuel), £100 (hotel stays at Premier Inn) PLUS food!

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Inspiring!  Magical!  Exciting!

County 14 – 20 – Done!   75 to go!!!  

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


Have you ever visited a movie / TV show setting?