As our 4 day expedition began, we decided to break up the trip (approx 4 hours) by stopping at the infamous Gretna Green, and educating the children on the history of marriage in both countries, and how Gretna Green became so famous!


Our venue was Craig Tara, Ayr,  a Haven site we have never been too!  As we were travelling so far North (for us anyway, this mama is a heliophile!  Yes that is a real thing! Seriously addicted to chasing sun, like a sunflower!  Mama suffers with SAD and Raynauds too, so yes, I really am a heliophile!), we decided a holiday home would be a good bet so early on in the year!  By the time we arrived at the caravan site, we chilled and ate, then headed out for the night’s entertainment!  When we got up the next morning, we saw just what a stunning view our van had!  (in truth we could smell the salt and here the breeze enough to tell us it was going to be amazing!)  But this was our vista for the week! GLORIOUS!!!  Perfect for free and wild walks with Edventurers!


Day 2 saw the Edventurers a little weary after the day’s travel, so we swam in the ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICALLY AMAZING pool at the site for hours!  The kids have never been so happy, and the pool was even warm enough for Mama Edventurer to stay in! (photos are Haven Craig Tara’s own, as I would not like to take photo’s in a pool!)  This pool was EPIC!!

Day 3 we headed off to Glasgow, in the morning, for some retail therapy for Mermaid (At 13 retail therapy is obligatory!) and then for some food.  We then headed to Glasgow Botanic gardens, which was fab!  The glasshouse was amazing!  An area entitled “Killer Plants”, was sure to have the kids intrigued!  We started there, and meandered through the rest!  We saw plants we’d never seen before (including tea tree!) and the maze like layout inside was great for intrepid explorers (like Cupcake – who likes to boss the rest of us around as she is the ONLY ONE who knows the right way to go, as her magic map tells her!  Who am I to argue?!)

We headed up to Loch Lomond after that for the evening, to watch the sunset over this BEAUTIFUL area!  The views are OUTSTANDING, and the Little Edventurers had a great time on the play park!  


Day 4 and the kids wanted to swim and chill!  So we did just that, then grabbed a chippy tea on the beach (Prestwick) and (at the kids request) unveganed for the day to try a deep fried Mars bar!  (I can assure you I WON’T be doing it AGAIN!)

After watching the night’s entertainment, I decided (another spontaneous decision – I must be sick because I am the ULTIMATE planner and organiser!  I hate surprises!!), that the best option would be to night drive home, as Friday was the start of a Bank Holiday weekend, which could only mean traffic chaos!  So, we headed back to the van, packed up, pj’d the kids and gave them supper, THEN drove home at 12.30am!  Travelling at this time was AWESOME!  Nothing on the road, kids slept so no continuous toilet breaks, or “are we nearly there yet?” and we knocked an hour or so off our journey!

This was one heck of a jam packed break!  We could have done with a little more time, but it was worth it!  We will definitely be heading back to Scotland!  It reminds me so much of Ireland, which I miss immensely!  Beautiful scenery, and so much wild and free roaming!  We were blessed with great weather (I’d be lying if I said it was warm, but it was dry and sunny!!)  and a perfect week!

COSTS: £166 (to stay at Haven Craig Tara, Ayr) plus (approx 600 miles!) fuel! 

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Beautiful!  Awesome!  WOW!

County 10-13 – Done!   82 to go!!!  

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


What is the WORST food you have tried on your travels?