2 days, 2 counties!

In the spirit of a true edventure, this one was totally unplanned, totally unorganised and the MOST fun!  A standard Sunday morning we dawdled out of bed for breakfast, and switched on the TV!  The weather, blah blah blah … OR NOT!  20+° south of us??  Okay, would it be crazy to just literally chase the sun?  Would it be insane to pack up the kids and the car and head off until we found the sunniest spot?  PROBABLY!!  BUT that wasn’t going to stop us!  TIME FOR AN IMPROMPTU TRIP!!

“KIDS, quickly, eat, dressed, LET’S GO!”

“Where are we going?”

“To find the sun …!”




And there it begun!  M6 (that takes us south!)  As we got towards Birmingham (approx 2 hours away!) the temp hit 23°!  Time to stop and enjoy the sun!  My phone said 22°, the car said 23°!  I’m running with the car temp, but this made me happy!  (yes I did screen shot the magic!!)  


We headed into the bull ring to explore the place (we have NEVER been to Birmingham) and find a sunny spot to grab a drink!  Cocktails and beer for the grown ups, and mocktails for the little Edventurers!  

After we’d eaten we explored the city, and again, we were totally surprised by what we found!  It was not at all what we expected!  We wandered over towards the Think Tank, to use the outdoor area (in the spirit of £0 budget!) for free!


A lovely way to spend a sunny evening!  Who doesn’t love a sponatneous trip!  We decided to stay, and booked a Travelodge!

Early morning wake up call, saw us head off to the jewellery quarter, another first!  And that was a very different experience for the kids!  We grabbed a picnic lunch and headed back to make our way home!


But what kind of way would that be to end such a spontaneous, spur of the moment trip!  Why not hit another  county on the way back!  (Thank goodness for free wifi, so I could locate another county that made sense for us to visit on our way home!)  With the magic of Google, we decided on Cannock Chase, as it meant we weren’t going way out of our way, and we get let off a little steam and excess energy on the trip home!

On arrival at Cannock Forest we were greeted with a HUGE Go -Ape (sorry kids £0 budget, remember!!), an amazing park, and a FAB woodland area!  There was also a Gruffalo spotters trail, so we decided to follow the trail and find ourselves a Gruffalo (and a mouse, a fox, an owl and a snake).  This was a great way to break up the journey home, and to tick another county off our challenge!  The play park was great!  So much to do, for all 3 kids!!  (I do have 3 Edventurers by the way, 2 just hide if they see a camera!!)

COSTS: Travledoge Room (but we could have driven in one day!) and food

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Perfect!  Random!  Awesome!

Counties 8 & 9 – Done!   86 to go!!!  

 Pop back soon for another Edventure!


What is your most spontaneous trip?

It’s been a long time since we did anything quite so spontaneous, but we definitely need to do it again!