SCOTLAND here we come!!!

Oh the excitement!!  Our first non-England edventure, since we started this project, AND we are going on a train!!!   A bargain £26 return for one adult and 3 kids, courtesy of our Friends and Family railcard , made this a fantastic price, and once again we set ourselves the aim of spending nothing else, bar food!  We were advised (on a number of occasions!) that not spending money in Edinburgh would be nigh on impossible!  (You know that only makes me more determined right???)  The original plan was to visit the zoo, as Miss Cupcake wanted to see the Pandas, however (unfortunately for us, fortunately for the pandas), the zoo got in touch to let us know they wished to allow the pandas some privacy, at it was possible they were going to breed!!!  How could we argue with that!  After discussing with Cupcake, we agreed we would go back to the zoo another time, so she wouldn’t miss the pandas!

We arrived at the train station cold and excited (with lost of messages telling us Edinburgh was very snowy so be careful!)  And this was the view we got as we approached!  The kids wanted to get off the train then and there, and to be fair, so did I, and i think they would have been perfectly happy there for the day!  HOWEVER, the train doesn’t stop in the middle of mountains for some reason!!!  Needless to say, this just boosted the excitement!






As we were travelling so far, and had a deadline, we pretty much had a ‘plan’ of what we wanted to do, and a rough timetable (with some ‘alternatives’ should the weather decide it wanted to be overly unfriendly!)  The plan was:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Picnic Lunch @ Princes Street Gardens (yes even in the snow!! 🙂 )
  • National Museum
  • Holyrood Park & Arthur’s Seat
  • Georgian Shadows Tour

If all went according to plan, we would get through the day spending only food money, and would have a jam packed, fun filled day!  (Again, lots of those who know Edinburgh, said we wouldn’t be able to do all this and the kids would be too tired!  Read to the end to see if the were!!!)

Edinburgh Castle was fantastic!  The kids always love castles!  We only looked around the outside (£0 budget and all that) but that doesn’t take away from it for the kids!  It is a stunning building, and VERY windy!!!  As were leaving the castle, we spotted the Tartan Weaving Mill, with shop and working looms and exhibitions, so we added that to our itinerary!  It was great to watch the looms work (and an extra free edventure!)







After the castle and Tartan Mill we headed down to Princes Street Gardens for our picnic!  We found ourselves a relatively sheltered spot, (the wind had dropped and it wasn’t snowing anymore), and made ourselves a friend of the squirrel variety!  He was one brave squirrel, coming right up to our feet!  I think he may have liked the look of our nuts and seeds, and Aldi pea snacks!!!! 

Picnic complete we headed back UP (see the SUPER fun steps, in the picture below!!)  to the Royal Mile, to make our way towards the National Gallery!  And what a walk it was!  I can honestly say Edinburgh is not what I expected!  I thought it would RIDICULOUSLY busy, and it just wasn’t.  It was friendly, and vibrant, and we really enjoyed the walk!

As we arrived at the National Gallery disaster struck!  (Well it wouldn’t be an edventure if it didn’t!!!)  My phone died!!  Of all the places for it to run out this wasn’t the one!  I was hundreds of miles away (200 to be precise), with 3 kids, in a place I had no idea where anything was, and no way of letting Mr Edventurer we were okay (or not!) The weather had the potential to turn for the worst, and WORST OF ALL, I couldn’t take any more photos!! 🙂 (priorities…)

The gallery was AMAZING!  So much to see and do, so many interactive exhibitions!  I honestly think we could have spent the whole day there, but sadly it shuts at 5pm!!  The kids ABSOLUTELY loved it, and learned so much.  It was a great experience for all of us. Cue gallery caretakers telling us it was time to leave, we decided it was time to head towards the Scottish Parliament buildings, then Holyrood Park.  And as if to add to our freebie day out, there were people from the banks, outside Parliament, giving out free piggy banks, so the kids got a free souvenir!

Holyrood Park was a great walk!  It was amazing to find such a beautiful spot, in  a city!  We climbed, we played, we talked, and we admired the STUNNING beauty!  So beautiful, in fact, that the little Edventurers want to go back there again too!  As little tumblies started rumbling, we headed back up the Royal Mile, to grab picnic number 2, and be ready, under cover of darkness, for the Georgian Shadows tour, before it was time to head home!  

The Shadows tour was magical, a great way to end a fantastic edventure!  We had so much fun spotting the shadows, and it was a great way to see parts of the city we wouldn’t otherwise have included!

COSTS: £26 train ticket

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Amazing!  Fantastic!  Brilliant!

County 7 – Done!   88 to go!!!  

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


What is your favourite city?

I’m not usually a city girl, but I did enjoy something a little different!