Edventure 5 – Castle Capers!

The weekend is finally here, so that can only mean one thing!  An edventure with Papa Edventurer!  We have been so blessed with the weather this last week, and the sunshine stuck around for the weekend too !  With North Yorkshire in our sights, we set off to Skipton, to visit Castle Woods!  No disasters this time!! 

Skipton is a beautiful little town, with so much to offer!  We had a quick peek at the castle (from the outside only, as with an entrance fee it didn’t hit our free frugal fun plan) And what a beauty it was!  Then set off for the woods.  Situated behind the Castle itself, this vast area was perfect for the kids.  Woodland, wildlife, flora and fauna, streams, fields, steps, bridges and WATERFALLS!!!  My kids love waterfalls, and so do I!  They are so therapeutic!  

After a fab afternoon’s walk we headed into town to meander through the shops, and Chief Edventurer (that’s me!)  grabbed a bargain outdoor jacket!  £16 reduced from £80!!!!  Another perfect day, spent the best way – together, outdoors!!!


COSTS: Fuel only

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Awesome!  Perfect!  Waterfalls!

County 5 –    Just 90 more to go!!!  

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


Where is your favourite castle?