Wizard Walk!  County number 4!

So, with yet another glorious March day, blessed once again with the weather, we packed up a picnic and the trusty flask and headed off to Cheshire!  Destination Alderley Edge – a completely new adventure for us.(And thanks to a dodgy SAT NAV a farcical journey – as in the M56 and I had a SERIOUS falling out, and I actually heard the words – “Are we nearly there yet?”)

img_4040On (eventual) arrival, DISASTER struck! Chief Edventurer (yes that is me, however I don’t wish to admit to that right now!) had no change in her purse (yes, Second Officer Never Organised – the other half-  had previously warned me to ensure I had plenty of change in the car at all times, for moments such as these) and the parking meter didn’t take card payment  (really, it didn’t – and I thought I was the only technophobe left!)  Lesson learnt, we won’t do that again!  Thankfully we were rescued by Cupcake (the littlest cub) who had stashed £2 odd in her pocket (no idea why – apocalypse again?) and a very kind couple (with a barky – their words, not mine- rare breed Sussex Spaniel who had just been to Crufts) who gave us the 50p we were short, when I asked them if they knew where the nearest cash machine was!  Thank you kind couple, the cubs were very impressed to once again see kindness in the world!


The woods and walkways were brilliant. Great way-marked trails (yes we are the family who got lost in Sherwood Forest, without food, and my phone died as we wandered, and it was getting dark ….  APOCALPYSE??) that Cupcake (of course) led us around.  We saw so much variety of landscape, and history it was great! 

We chose ‘The Wizards Wander’, following in the footsteps of a legendary wizard, then the ‘Donkey Track Trail’ to get your heart pumping up the old pack horse track through the Great Quarry!

Another great day out, and another county covered!

COSTS: Fuel + £2.70 parking!

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Tiring!  Magical!  Interesting!

County 4 – CHECK!  Only another 91 to go!!!  

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


What’s your favourite National Trust location?