County 3!

Another day, another county!  (That’s 3, in 4 days!!  If only the rest were this easy!) This girls went to Film Club with a couple of other girls, to watch Freaky Friday, (and General and I went to grab some Vegan friendly shopping and snacks!)   




The weather was once again our friend, (dry and reasonably mild) so once the film was done we headed out to another of our favourite country parks, just a few minutes drive from film club!


With (plenty of) free parking, a cafe (should you be less frugal / skin flint inclined than I !!), and lovely clean toilets Beacon Country Park has it all for my kids.  A FANTASTIC, newly developed park, again inkeeping with the surroundings (it also has a smaller person friendly park too), woodland (with climbing trees, den building and a Gruffalo!!!), a little pond, and some great views at the top!

It was a little muddy, and not quite as blue a sky as yesterday, but with a picnic and flask in tow, who cares??


WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Muddy!  Cold!  Fun!

Success number 3!  Only another 92 to go!!!  

Check in soon for another Edventure!


Have you been to Beacon Country Park before?

Did you even know it existed?  Lots of people (who live super close) don’t!