Excitement levels hit fever pitch yesterday, when I told the kids we had booked 4 different Haven sites, so we could cover at least 8 more counties!!!  That’s 4 days camping in Cornwall and Dorset, so we can cover Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset in May!  The kids have never been that far South before, and its a long time since I have!  The plan will be to hit another county on the way down, and one on the way back up too!!  I had envisaged this area of the country being one of our biggest challenges, as all I have ever heard is how expensive it is!  However, imagine my bank balances happiness when the total bill for 5 people, for 4 nights (including swimming passes, entertainment and activities onsite!) came out at just £30!!  Now that’s a bargain holiday! 🙂

We booked Perran Sands, Cornwall, and Littlesea, Dorset, working our dates in between the bank holidays and the half term break, and also making sure we booked Monday to Thursday, as the price changes dramatically as soon as you get to Friday.

Ever frugal I investigated what else was on offer, and discovered we could book camping at Norfolk and Essex, in September, as well!  Again two areas I thought would break my bank!!  2 nights booked on each site so we can incorporate Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent, and ideally, another county on the way there, and a different one on the way back!  And the cost?  A very awesome £26!!!

This time we booked Wild Duck, Norfolk, and The Orchards, Essex, working our dates once I knew all the schools were back, and again making sure we booked Monday to Thursday, to avoid the weekend price rise!

We can do this!

We will do this!

Any recommendations for (FREE) places to visit in each county (Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex or Kent)?