Edventure 2!

What a difference a couple of days make!  Glorious sunshine, blue skies and a balmy 12°! Perfect weather for another Edventure!  So after lunch (and a couple of loads of washing) we grabbed the flask, a bottle of water each, and some snacks.  (The kids insist on planning for the apocalypse every time we leave the house.  Personally I’m not sure 2 packets of Aldi pea snacks is going to save us, should the end of the world come, but it may give us an extra hour!)  Bound by dance lessons (this will become a recurring theme!) we had to stay reasonably local, so today, we chose Greater Manchester!  The county has so much to offer, so many beautiful places, and hidden treasures, but we decided on Haigh Hall and Woodland Park.  (1 – it’s only about half an hour away; 2 – a little birdy told me the park had recently been redesigned!)

We are truly blessed in our location, as pretty much every jouney we make takes us on winding roads, with natural beauty everywhere.  (We are 5 minutes from rolling countryside and 5 minutes from the beach – perfect for our lifestyle!)  Our little journey, (dodging tractors, horse and pheasants!  YES A PHEASANT – AGAIN!!!), took us through lots of lovely little villages, any one of which we could have stopped at and had a great afternoon walking, and the up Parbold Hill!  360° view, and stunning!  The kids love this view (Cupcake still thinks it’s the top of the world!  More Geography required???), and so do I (love the view, obviously, not think it’s the top of the world!!)

Soon we arrived at Haigh Hall, and the brand new, top of the range, super tech parking system (GRRRRRRRR).  As we approached the play park, (the sun still shining!) all I heard was “WOWWWWWWWWWW”.   Now my kids are play park experts!  With a mama who hates being stuck indoors, and who also hates parting with money, we spend a lot of time at playgrounds. And this one caught them all by surprise!  It was magnificent, a real Woodland Park, in-keeping with the surroundings, and jam packed with equipment for kids big and small!  

You could play here for hours!!  

After lots of playing we walked around the stunning grounds, through woodland, across the gardens and past the the lake, and finally up to the grand house itself!


I am so glad we made this trip!  And we will definitely be going back again soon, with more time to play!

COSTS: Fuel + £1.50 parking!

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  Awesome!  Epic!  Cool!

So another success! County 2 – CHECK!  Only another 93 to go!!!  

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


Have you been to Haigh Woodland Park before?

You really need to give it a go!