Walking is a great time to time to really talk with kids!  No phone / TV / computer distractions!  We spend a lot of time outdoors together, and it gives so much opportunity for the children to open up!  Now, we have TALKED A LOT this week!  Lots of planning and thinking about how we can undertake this challenge, and what we are most looking forward too!  Cupcake threw us a lifeline to help meet this challenge!  She decided she wants to go to Haven for her birthday, instead of having a party! So we checked out Haven Holidays and found a great deal on a caravan in Scotland!  The PERFECT base to visit some of the counties in Scotland!  Excitement levels went though the roof, as the kids have NEVER been to Scotland!  

We can do this!!

Top of the kids list of places to visit was Giant’s Causeway!  Again, none of us have EVER been to Northern Ireland, so I was scanning flights and spotted some bargain flights on Rynair.  In total for 5 of us its cost £80 return!  Perfect!  And the added bonus?  We have been doing a weekly family paper round and the money we earn paid for the flights!!  We will need a hire car to cover the counties we wish whilst there, so, having cleared out books, CDs and DVDs the kids and I no longer use, we had enough to pay for the car too!  Perfect!

Its all falling into place!!

And today’s the day, it all began!!  Where do you think we went?