Day 1!

It has begun!  And oh my, despite pretty hideous weather we were not quitting on the day, so after Mermaid and Cupcake’s dance lesson we headed off our on first County Challenge Edventure!  Given the girls dance until lunchtime, it had to be somewhere fairly local, so we set off to Merseyside!  The county has so much to offer, but we decided to visit Another Place!  (Its been a while since we’ve been there, its not a monumental drive, plenty to do, lovely fresh air – even in the rain! – and always proves to be a talking point!)

We have been before, but today the tide was in, so it was a completely different view for the kids!  The iron men are outstanding, and as expected, a great talking point!  With 100 statues, over 2 miles, in various states of undress, and in  enough detail to make the kids smirk / blush / all of the above, the conversation was endless!  From what they are feeling, to how cold they must be, to why they have no clothes on!   The kids are fascinated by the men, trying to count them, and wondering why they are there!  

Once we were all walked out and heading back to the car, the tide was starting to go out, so we could see more of the iron men!  A great lesson on tides to be had, right there!  And just as we turned to head back, DISASTER STRUCK!!  The elements monsters appeared!  Yep you read that right – the elements monsters!  (Yes they have vivid imaginations!!)    

We were chased firstly by the sea monsters, then quickly followed the rock monsters!  The wind blew up a gale and the air monsters were trying to eat us!  And just as we approached the car, across the sandy ‘dunes’, (which were obviously the desert, and deserts are very hot) you can guess which monsters were onto us then?  Of course, it was the fire monsters!!!    Nope, I have no idea where any of that came from either, but I do know it will make for some great writing about the day!  As our first edventure drew to a close, we headed back to the Batmobile (okay, I wish – its a FIAT 500L – but a girl can dream!) it was time to crack out the  trusty flask, for coffee and hot chocolate, and vegan vegetable crisps!

COSTS: Fuel only!

WHAT DID THE KIDS THINK?  The statues were great.  It was cold!  Why are they naked?

County 1 – DONE! 94 to go!

So there you have it!  Success!!  County 1 ticked off the list!  Only another 97 to go!!!  And what a great place to start, and I guess it was only right to start our very English Edventure, with very English weather!!

Pop back soon for another Edventure!


Have you been to Another Place?  What did you think?